Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park

Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park

Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park: A Must-Visit for All BMX/Freestyle Enthusiasts

For all those daring and brave BMX/freestyle bike enthusiasts looking for a place to hone their skills, there is just the spot for you – Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park in Chandler ,Arizona USA. This public bike-only park opened in May 2007 and is the first of its kind to be built by a municipality in Arizona, making it an iconic location to visit.

Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park

About the Park

The 23,000-square-foot park has plenty of exciting features for BMX/freestyle riders to try out. From the jump box and double roller, right up to the hubba ledge and sub rail, these features are designed keeping in mind the safety of the riders while still ensuring they have enough space to test their skills. One of its most anticipated features is a 6- foot tall wall which combines a 5-foot wall extension, creating an even taller vertical surface than that of a basketball hoop.

What Makes Chandler Bike Park Special?

Apart from being one of the few public bike parks around, what makes Chandler Bike Park stand out is its commitment to providing a safe environment where cyclists can practice their tricks without worrying about getting injured or damaging property. The park also offers lessons and workshops for beginners so that everyone can benefit from this amazing facility regardless of their experience level. Furthermore, with high quality ramps and obstacles available on site, riders can rest assured that they will have access to top notch equipment when visiting this park.

Safety Guidelines & Regulations

When visiting Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park, it is important that cyclists adhere to all safety regulations set out by staff at the park. Riders must always wear helmets while riding on any obstacle or ramp provided by the facility as well as pads if necessary. Additionally, any form of alcohol consumption or drug use within the premises is strictly prohibited and could lead to expulsion from the grounds without warning. It’s also important for riders to show respect towards other park users at all times by avoiding excessive noise levels or littering within the grounds . Another interesting place to visit is the Desert Breeze Railroad it is a great way to see the desert. The railroad offers a variety of different cars, from luxury cars to open-air cars. You can also take a tour of the desert on the train. The Desert Breeze Railroad is a great way to see the desert and get some fresh air.


All in all, Chandler Bike Park at Espee Park is an amazing facility for those who love BMX/Freestyle biking . With plenty of thrilling features available on site along with dedicated staff who are committed to maintaining safety standards , visitors are guaranteed an enjoyable experience every time they visit this incredible destination .