Famous people from Phoenix Arizona

Emma Stone

Famous People from Phoenix: An Unforgettable Journey Through the Lives of Those Who Have Impacted the City

Phoenix, Arizona is a vibrant city with a long and distinguished history. It has produced some of the most famous people in the United States, including celebrities, politicians, authors, athletes, and more. In this blog post, we will take an unforgettable journey through the lives of some of the most noteworthy people to have called Phoenix home. From Hollywood A-listers to renowned academics and ground-breaking entrepreneurs, let us explore together their incredible contributions to society and honor their legacy.

Famous Actors & Musicians

Phoenix is well known for producing many talented actors and musicians. Some of these include:

  • Ryan Gosling – Ryan Gosling was born in London but moved to Phoenix at age 13. He attended elementary school there before continuing his education at a performing arts high school in California. He went on to become an Academy Award-nominated actor who has starred in numerous Hollywood hits such as La La Land and The Notebook. Ryan has been nominated for several awards during his career, including two Academy Award nominations for 2017’s La La Land. Ryan Gosling continues to be a sought-after on-screen talent with a dashing good looks and charm that audiences can’t get enough of.
  • Selena Gomez – Selena Gomez is one of the most popular singers and actresses in Hollywood today. She was raised in Grand Prairie, Texas but moved to Phoenix when she was 15 years old after her parents divorced. She quickly began working on her acting career and later signed with Disney Channel’s series “Wizards of Waverly Place.” She is an award-winning singer and songwriter, with multiple number one albums on the US pop charts. She is also an actress and producer, having starred in such movies as “Spring Breakers”, “Hotel Transylvania 3”, and “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Off-screen, Gomez is a philanthropist, advocating for mental health awareness. Her work has earned her recognition from the likes of Unicef and The American Music Awards. As of 2021 she continues to be an inspiring role model for young entertainers around the world.
  • Alice Cooper – Alice Cooper may not have been born in Phoenix but he certainly made it his home since 1968 when he graduated from Cortez High School there. He rose to fame as an artist blending shock rock with heavy metal music but also gained popularity for his flamboyant stage persona during live shows. His impact on popular culture cannot be understated as his performances pushed boundaries within music entertainment throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

John McCain

Famous Politicians & Business Leaders

  • John McCain – John McCain was born in Panama but grew up primarily in Arizona where he attended college at the University of Arizona before joining the Navy after graduation. After serving as a naval aviator McCain had a successful political career which included multiple senate runs during which time he represented Arizona as part of Congress until his death in 2018.  He was best known for his strong support of bipartisanship and campaigned against enhanced interrogation techniques against prisoners. He ran unsuccessfully as the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 and again in 2016 after defeating former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries. John McCain had a long and storied career built on integrity, service to country, and selfless bravery earmarking him as a leader among both party lines. He will be remembered by many as one of the most influential political figures of modern times.
  • Barry Goldwater – Barry Goldwater’s name is still synonymous with conservative politics today despite him having passed away many years ago now (1998). Goldwater attended Staunton Military Academy before later attending University of Arizona where he obtained a degree in law upon graduation before beginning a career as a business executive back in 1924 when he started working at retail store goldow goldwater’s department store which was founded by his family several decades earlier .
  • Dan Quayle – Dan Quayle served as Vice President under George H W Bush from 1989-1993 after being elected into office prior that same year following successful campaign for Indiana’s Senate seat against Democratic opponent Lloyd Bentsen Jr., who went on become Secretary Treasury under Bill Clinton Administration later years . Quayle attended University Notre Dame prior entering politics having obtained bachelor degree 1974 majoring government economics . He also sought to reduce government spending and to increase American competitiveness in the global marketplace. After leaving office, Quayle continued to be involved in politics, founding the lobbying firm Caliber Group and authoring several books on politics and foreign policy. Currently, Dan Quayle serves on the board of numerous companies and organizations both domestic and international. There are many annual events that take place in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of these events include the Arizona State Fair, the Barret-Jackson Auto Show, and the Phoenix Open. Each of these events brings in a large number of people from all over the state and country. If you have never been to one of these events, you should definitely try to attend at least one this year. Let us know in the comments below which annual events in Phoenix, Arizona you are most interested in attending.


From famous actors and musicians like Ryan Gosling to iconic politicians like John McCain and business leaders like Barry Goldwater, Phoenix has played host to some truly remarkable individuals over its lifetime who have gone on to make immense contributions not only locally but globally too! We hope that you have enjoyed taking this journey together through their lives!