Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market

Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market

Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market: A Guide to the Region’s Best Local Produce

Nestled among the quaint streets of historic Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, is the beloved Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market. Since its inception in 2006, this farmers market has been a local favorite for its selection of fresh produce, gourmet goods, and homemade treats from local growers and specialty food producers. Here’s your guide to this beloved farmers market and all it has to offer.

What You Can Expect at Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market

The Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market has been a mainstay in the community since 2006. With over 100 local farmers and vendors, it boasts a vast selection of organic produce, farm-raised meats, freshly baked artisan breads, jams, tamales and much more! The weekly market takes place on Saturdays from 8 am – 1 pm near 5th Avenue & Brown Road in downtown Scottsdale. Offering an abundance of seasonal delights such as apples and cider during autumn or fresh citrus during winter months – the market has something for everyone.

Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market

Organic and Pesticide-Free Produce

The Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market is committed to offering only the freshest products that are both chemical-free and pesticide-free. From vibrant fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits to leafy greens like spinach or kale – visitors will find an array of healthy options available for purchase at the many stands located throughout the bustling marketplace. In addition to produce grown locally in Arizona, some vendors also carry goods from other states such as California or Colorado.

Free Range Meats & Eggs

As part of their commitment to healthful eating habits, the farmers at Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market ensure that all meats sold come from animals raised naturally with no hormones or antibiotics used in their feedings. Among these meats you’ll find natural pork chops,, tender beef steaks , fresh fish fillets along with free-range eggs supplied by local Arizona growers! As such visitors can rest assured that any meat purchased here is sourced responsibly with animal welfare being top priority.

Artisan Goods & Gourmet Treats

In addition to fresh fruits veggies and proteins – guests will also find an array of specialty goods including freshly made cheeses , jellies , jams , breads , pastries , desserts as well as tamales . These items truly reflect the culinary diversity found within Arizona’s diverse cultural communities . Not only do these goods taste delicious but they are also popular souvenir items for family members or friends who may not be able visit Old Town Scottsdale themselves !

A Community Hub for Local Growers & Producers

The Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market provides an invaluable platform for local farmers , artisans , cheese makers and bakers to showcase their wares while providing customers with access to high quality wholesome foods . By shopping here you can feel good knowing that not only are you supporting sustainable agriculture practices but you’re also helping out small businesses within your own community. Scottsdale Stadium is the perfect place to catch a spring training game. The facility is top-notch and the views of the mountains are incredible. If you’re looking for a great spot to watch some baseball, make sure to check out Scottsdale Stadium.

Final Thoughts

While there are many places across Arizona where one can purchase farm-fresh ingredients – none quite compare to the unique experience offered by Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market! With its charming atmosphere filled with friendly vendors ready to share stories about their products – this weekly event offers a wonderful opportunity for locals and travelers alike to support their community while accessing some of best produce around !