Riverview Park

Riverview Park

Riverview Park: An Oasis of Fun for Everyone in Mesa

If you’re looking for a great place to spend the day, then look no further than Riverview Park in Mesa, AZ, USA. This park has been recently renovated and is quickly becoming one of the premier parks in town. With exciting attractions, fun activities and family-friendly amenities, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Here is an overview of what you can find at Riverview Park.

Riverview Park

Overview of The Park

Riverview Park is a large park located near downtown Mesa that encompasses over 30 acres of land. It features lush green grass, mature trees, two playgrounds, two regulation softball fields, two sand volleyball courts and over four miles of walking/jogging trails surrounding it. There are also three pavilions available for rent that provide plenty of shade and seating areas — perfect for special occasions or family gatherings.

The park also features an impressive skate park with ramps and jumps designed by Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Designs Team — making it a paradise for skateboarders and bikers alike. There’s even an outdoor amphitheatre for summer concerts! Additionally, the park offers several other amenities such as restrooms, free Wi-Fi access, lighting for night events and drinking fountains throughout the grounds that help to make this park even more enjoyable.

Unique Attraction: Sloan Park

One of the most unique attractions at Riverview Park is Sloan Park — home to the Chicago Cubs during spring training! This massive stadium seats 15,000 fans, making it one of the largest baseball stadiums in Arizona. Not only does it host spring training games but it also hosts concerts as well as other community events like festivals and 5K runs. With its spacious layout and proximity to Riverview Park itself — Sloan Park makes this area a hub for entertainment throughout the year! If you’re looking for an amazing place to catch a show or take a class, look no further than the Mesa Arts Center.

Things To Do

From sports to picnics to relaxing walks along the trails — there’s no shortage of things to do here at Riverview Park! Whether you’re looking to play a game with friends or just take some time alone enjoying nature — there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Sports: The two softball fields are great places to play a game or practice batting with friends while the two sand volleyball courts are perfect spots for friendly competitions or just playing around in your spare time! For those who prefer bikes or skateboards over baseballs — there’s always the Tony Hawk designed skate park mentioned beforehand that begs exploration!

Picnics & Relaxation: As previously stated there are multiple pavilions located within this park that make great spots for hosting picnics or simply taking a break from your walk around the trails! Many tables provided through these pavilions allow ample seating space so you can bring food (or have it catered!) and enjoy lunch with family or friends before heading out again!

For Nature Lovers: Last but not least — if you love nature as much as we do then you won’t be disappointed either! The four miles worth of walking/jogging trails allows plenty of opportunity to explore all sorts of flora & fauna while getting some exercise too! Keep your eyes peeled because wildlife sightings aren’t uncommon here either – we’ve seen deer on occasion ourselves!


As you can see – there’s something here at Riverview Park in Mesa for everyone regardless if they’re into sports, relaxation or nature-lovers alike! Having undergone extensive renovations recently – this oasis has become one of our top destinations when visiting Arizona’s East Valley region; especially considering how close it is to Sloan Stadium now too which brings additional attractions & events throughout each year ! Make sure you add this stop on your list next time you’re looking for something fun during your stay here in Mesa – we promise it won’t disappoint!