Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

Explore the History of the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

Established in 1978, the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum, a.k.a. Airbase Arizona Aircraft Museum, is located at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona and is the 10th unit of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). As one of the largest CAF units in the world with several rare warbirds on display, it’s quickly become a popular destination for aviation aficionados. Here we’ll explore some of its history and take a look at what you can expect to see when you visit this amazing attraction.

Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

The Founding of the Museum

The CAF was launched as an effort to preserve classic military aircraft from World War II and other significant periods in aviation history. To make them accessible to the public, small units were established around the United States—the first being located near Midland, Texas in 1957. The Arizona unit was established 21 years later and has since become one of the most visible air museums in America.

What You’ll See At The Museum

Visitors will find several impressive artifacts on display including classic American and foreign combat planes that are some of last remaining warbirds of their kind. In addition to these retired fighters and bombers, visitors can also explore old motorcycles and jeeps used by servicemen during World War II as well as scale models of different aircrafts from throughout history. Another place to visit is The Mesa Arizona Temple one of the most beautiful temples in the world. The temple grounds are amazing and the architecture is breathtaking. If you haven’t been to the Mesa Arizona Temple, you should definitely put it on your list of things to do.

Other Attractions At The Museum

Aside from viewing historic artifacts, guests can also get up close and personal with these amazing machines by taking part in educational experiences such as flight simulators or even take a real ride aboard one these vintage planes! The museum frequently holds special events like air shows where people can watch thrilling aerobatic performances by skilled pilots flying iconic aircrafts from throughout history. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, there are plenty of spots around the museum grounds where people can picnic or explore nature trails lined with wild flowers or cacti native to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

Warbird Rides With The CAF

If you’re interested in getting an even closer experience with classic aircrafts there are various packages available through Warbird Rides which allow participants to hop onboard a vintage plane for an unforgettable experience! Individuals have their choice between several different flight options including high-speed flights, aerobatic flights or more leisurely rides that offer breathtaking views over Falcon Field Airport while they fly alongside stunning mountain backdrops unique to Central Arizona’s desert terrain.


Whether your idea of an exciting day out includes exploring fascinating artifacts and relics from past wars or just admiring beautiful airplanes against magnificently diverse geography; Airbase Arizona Aircraft Museum offers something for everyone! There’s plenty to see so make sure you don’t miss this must-see spot on your next trip to Phoenix!