Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple: A Beautiful Place of Worship

The Mesa Arizona Temple, located in the city of Mesa AZ, USA, is the seventh operating temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Built in 1927, this grandiose structure is a sight to behold. It stands as a testament to faith and devotion and stands as an icon for all who visit or pass by. This beautiful place of worship has become a beloved treasure to many people and can be seen from miles away.


When it was announced in 1925 that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would have a temple in Mesa, Arizona, the local population was thrilled. After two years of construction, their hopes were fulfilled on October 23rd 1927 when the temple was dedicated by President Heber J. Grant. The temple has since gone through various renovations and additions including an angel Moroni being added to the spire in 1974 followed by an expansion and remodel between 2005-2006 which included adding more space for ordinance rooms and locker rooms.

Mesa Arizona Temple

Features & Highlights

The Mesa Arizona Temple stands grandly at 136 feet tall with its gleaming white exterior that towers over its surrounding landscape. The grounds are well-manicured with lush grassy fields that extend out towards the majestic building’s east entrance where one can find two large reflecting pools together with a beautiful fountain which is lighted at night creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for contemplation or prayerful meditation.

Another special aspect to this place of worship is its celestial room which features ornate wood paneling with stars adorning its ceiling as well as chandeliers adorned with crystal drops hanging from above. An impressive seven spires grace the outside walls while inside one can find various artwork from around the world depicting significant scenes from LDS teachings like Christ’s birth and life as well other religious icons such as Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai. Beyond these artifacts lie ten different ordinance rooms for patrons to receive sacred ceremonies like baptismal ordinances which are essential for members looking to join or advance within their church hierarchy. The next time you’re looking for a fun and unique night out, be sure to check out Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa. With their world-famous theater organ and delicious pizza, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Symbolism & Purpose

Every detail within this house has been carefully planned out incorporating both ancient symbolism along with modern architecture making it truly unique among other temples around the world but also reflective of LDS beliefs found within their scriptures like Book Mormon or Pearl Great Price which tell stories about faith, obedience, redemption and more topics integral to Mormonism’s core tenets . As much as it serves as a physical structure meant for congregation members seeking spiritual guidance, it’s also serves another purpose for those who come here namely strengthening marriage bonds between couples partaking in sacred sealings found only within temples such as this one – providing them an opportunity for eternal progression towards becoming gods themselves someday should they remain faithful till death do them part .


The Mesa Arizona Temple is much more than just a building; it’s a beacon that brings hope, peace and comfort during times when faith may be tested . Its form alone exemplifies devotion while its contents provide everlasting meaning allowing those who enter into it promise of salvation if they remain true followers unto their Lord Jesus Christ . Whatever your beliefs may be , taking time out to appreciate this landmark symbolizing strength perseverance no matter what life throws at you , will surely bring some clarity or understanding into our sometimes confusing world we live in today.