Extrusion metal

Aluminum Boat Repairs

Aluminum Boat Repairs – Welding Solutions With their lightweight yet durable construction, aluminum boats are popular for many boaters. However, like any boat material, aluminum requires proper maintenance and the occasional repair to stay seaworthy. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on inspecting aluminum boats for damage, preparing and applying epoxy to cracked or …

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Latest Welding Techniques

Auto Body Welding

Auto Body Welding Near Me Auto body welding is a critical repair technique for fixing damaged metal components on vehicles. There are several popular welding methods used in auto body shops, including:   MIG (Metal Inert Gas)   TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)   Stick   Flux-cored This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the most …

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Role Of Mobile Welding

Types Of Welding Joints

Types Of Welding Joints Welding is a crucial manufacturing and fabrication process used across countless industries to join metals and thermoplastics. The effectiveness and strength of any welded joint depend on multiple factors – proper joint design, material considerations, edge preparation, and welding technique. There are five primary types of welding joints, each with their …

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Custom Metal Fabrication

Can you self teach welding?

Can you self-teach welding? Welding is a process of fusing metals together by heating them to a very high temperature. It is often used in fabrication and manufacturing. While welding schools are the preferred option for learning this trade, it is possible to self-teach welding with the right resources. Here we will explore the options …

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