Taliesin West

Taliesin West

Taliesin West: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home and Studio

The desert of Scottsdale, Arizona is the home of a unique complex called Taliesin West. This complex was architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and studio from 1937 until his death in 1959 at the age of 91. Today, it serves as the headquarters for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and is open to the public for tours. Located on what is now known as Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, this remarkable structure drew its name from Wright’s original home in Spring Green, Wisconsin – Taliesin.

Taliesin West

History of Taliesin West

Taliesin West was designed and constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1937 and 1959. The project began when Wright visited the desert near Scottsdale in search of a dry climate that would be ideal for his health, especially during the cold winter months in Wisconsin. He purchased 600 acres of land here and began building his winter home and studio with no plans or drawings—building components were assembled on site with whatever materials were at hand.

Wright was assisted by apprentices who lived on-site year round while helping him build and maintain the structures that comprise Taliesin West. By 1941, work on Taliesin West was officially completed, although over time new additions were added to expand it further. In addition to being an innovative architect, Wright was also an accomplished interior designer; he designed furniture specifically for use at Taliesin West which is still used today.

Features of Taliesin West

One of the most impressive features of this complex is its unique design, which blends seamlessly into its arid surroundings. Made up primarily of concrete blocks or “adobe” blocks that form both exterior walls and interior spaces, Taliesin West consists of several distinct buildings connected by walkways made from local stones such as flagstone and sandstone. The main house includes private living quarters for Wright himself as well as a library/study room filled with books about architecture and design; a theater where films could be screened; a music pavilion where performances were held; several studios; classrooms; workshops; storage buildings; an outdoor pool area; four guest rooms; a playhouse for children; a sunken garden courtyard perfect for relaxing outdoors in privacy; and two extensive gardens surrounding all these structures that incorporate hundreds of varieties of plants native to Arizona’s desert landscape. The Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market is a great place to find locally grown fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking for fresh produce, you’ll definitely want to check out this market. The market is open every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Be sure to stop by the next time you’re in town!

Legacy of Taliesin West

Today, visitors can explore each part of this remarkable complex through guided tours offered by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Tours focus on both the architecture itself—including many elements designed directly by Frank Lloyd Wright—as well as his impact on modern architecture more broadly speaking. Visitors can also explore various galleries containing photos, artifacts and other memorabilia related to Wright’s life at Taliesin West or even rent out one or more parts of this facility for events like weddings or special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays throughout the year (pending availability). With its unique blend of artistry, history and nature, there truly isn’t another place quite like it anywhere else!